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5 Tips for Corporate Security from Vancouver Locksmith Experts

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5 Tips for Corporate Security from Vancouver Locksmith Experts
Working as a Vancouver locksmith, Todd Coupal has supported a wide range of businesses implement measures to increase corporate security.
In this video, Todd walks you through 5 important tips that will help improve corporate security.
Restricted Key-ways
He begins by explaining the importance of having restricted key-ways. This means that employees will have keys that cannot simply be taken in and copied and any hardware store. 
Strong Key Control
Todd also advocates for using a strong key control system so you know which employees have which keys. 
Physical Security
He explains that it is important to make sure your business is physically secure in order to prevent any intruders from gaining access into your facility. 
Reinforced Glass
Beyond that, he recommends that reinforcing the glass in your windows may also be of benefit if that has not already been done.
Strong Access Control
Todd's final recommendation is to implement a strong access control system so you know who enters and leaves your building.
All of these things will help improve your commercial security.
Watch Todd's video below and hear from the expert Vancouver locksmith himself.