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Pop-A-Lock is a keynote speaker at BOMA event to speak on Physical Security and Target Hardening

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Todd Coupal, President of Pop-A-Lock Vancouver was a keynote speaker at BOMA's Security Essentials Seminar this past week.  Todd Shared some scary statistics around crime rates in the Vancouver area.  Take a look a the break and enter in commercial buildings snapshot provided by the Vancouver Police Department in Vancouver over a 2 day period alone.  There are over 200 occurrences by month over the past 2 years.  Todd encouraged the audience of property managers to "think like a thief".
Target hardening is a term used by Police and those working in security to strengthen the security to a location in the event of an attack, break-in or any risk of theft.
Todd's presentation and subject matter included the following areas of potential security risk:
  • Mind the Gap - areas of width in door frames and doors that provide too much clearance and access
  • Lock Hardware - proper hardware depending on the door's role, to be installed and regularly serviced.  Considering a variety of locks depending on the need; high security (pick and drill resistant) restricted keyways (key control) and door guards.  Qualified locksmiths like Pop-A-Lock security professionals and recommend, install and service all types of high security locks.  Key Control forces an audit trail and identification process to maintain any need for replacement or duplicate keys.  Master keyways required sophisticated charting to determine the hierarchy of who should have access to all, some particular doors in a building, an apartment or condo as an example.  Often used by property managers to managers.
  • Doors & Hinges - properly installed and secured by security professionals and routine maintenance to preserve their shelf life
  • Strike boxes and Frames - the right strikes and door frames providing the most stable and force resistance abuse
  • Exposed Glass - when we think about glass, we think easy to break in.  Providing Lexan Panels, Security Bars or Security film to deter access.
Traditionally Unican locks have been used to manage access to the exterior and interior of certain doors.  They are the "old school wireless".  They are still used routinely today because of their simplicity; self contained, require no power, weather resistant and tough as nails.
New advancements have been made in business automation with products like Schlage NDE locks and Allegion's Engage platform with features like access control to particular doors, scheduling, audit capabilities (to track who is entering the premises and when) and the ability to manage all that by phone, tablets or computers in the cloud.
Overall, a great sharing of insights and reminders to the audience about not taking your security for granted.  Ask for security audit to be completed.  We can identify some potential issues that if not resolved could lead to a Break and Enter.  Avoid being a statistic !!